Artist’s Note

A vida é pesada. A vida é leve. Life is heavy. Life is light. Both are true.

So many things are out of the control of the individual, yet our emotions are completely generated within. Despite being “ours,” emotions run out of control sometimes. It’s as if the only pause we can find is on the remote. I am unsure of exactly how many days God used to create the world (a number between 7 days and 7 billion years is the most likely answer), but I am sure that Sundays were created for a different purpose than the other six days of the week.

A Sunday well lived feels like a nap for your heart.

I put some extra Sunday morning sh*t up on the Press today, because that just what the universe called for.



The Artist and Editor – Shot with a Holga on 35mm B&W by Maria Clara Mirelles

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